Heating Help for Chair City Oil Customers


Many people dread the cold winter season due to heating costs. Chair City Oil works hard to bring its customers the best Bio-Heat product at the best prices. Some customers need added assistance. Chair City Oil offers many payment options to help with the cost of fuel. Our budget plans start in June but you can inquire at any time. Information on our budget plans is available on our website or by contacting the office during business hours.

If you find you’re in need of added assistance there are programs outside of Chair City Oil that may be able to help, if you qualify. There are a number of places you can turn to if you need help with paying your heating bills. Several different applications to heating bill assistance programs are provided by numerous federal and state government organizations, as well as some privately funded non-profit associations. Most are on a first come, first approved status…so applying early makes a difference. Heating assistance plans can take up to 5-6 weeks for approval, and are not emergency heating programs. Below are just two options. For more information links are provided below.

JOE FOR OIL Heat Program offers free heating oil to people in financial need who can’t afford to pay their heating bills. Each eligible household is allowed a one-time delivery per heating season of 100 gallons of home heating oil for free. To start



The Massachusetts Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) (Fuel Assistance) provides eligible households with help in paying winter heating bills. The program pays benefits of fixed amounts based on household income. An additional benefit is available to eligible households having a high-energy burden.

Chair City Oil does not approve or have any authority in the application process but we are happy to support heating assistance programs for approved programs.