If you live in Gardner or any surrounding town we welcome the opportunity to prove we are your very best choice for economical, dependable oil heat.

Please look through our web site, we have so much to offer. We are a full service oil company. Not only do we sell a premium low sulfur heating oil, we stand ready, 24/7 with dependable service for ANY heating problems or concerns you might have. Making a decision on who will deliver your oil and be responsible for your safety and comfort is an important decision. Please look through our site to learn about who we are, why our fuel is special – a true premium heating oil, to see how well prepared we are to service your heating equipment day or night, and to meet our employees who will be working hard to impress you.

Here are some of the pages that can help you make an educated decision are;

  • Easy Customer Application. When your ready, here is a stream lined new account application that is easy to fill out online to open a no obligation account so you can order oil and heating service.
  • Customer Handbook. Everything you need to know about our office and the services we offer.
  • How We Serve Our Customers. This page is full of informational facts. Our hours, key names, phone numbers and emails, our delivery schedule, how to contact us after hours, and helpful tips that allow us to be more responsive to your needs.
  • Meet Our Employees. A great page to meet our employees. After customers like you, our great employees are our best asset. See who they are and what there special roles are.
  • Service Area. To give you a clear understanding of the city and towns we cover. We intentionally keep our service area small to be more efficient and be able to serve customer promptly.
  • Choosing An Oil Company. This page can help you understand how different oil companies are. We can guarantee to handle every safety and heating need you may encounter, but many companies cannot. Here are the questions you need answered when choosing who can best keep you safe and comfortable.
  • What Can I Do Online. For those who like the convenience of online access we offer secure full featured access to your account 24/7. Order, make payments, review your records. Read this page for information.
  • Online Account Access Instructions. When you’ re ready to try online account access,check these instructions to be able to login with ease.
  • Contact Us. Here’s an online form you can send us as well as how to call or visit.

Of course we invite you to call or visit us during working hours if you wish to talk directly to us about concerns or questions you may have.

Thank you for this opportunity;


David Tourigny, owner