Much more than Oil – Customer commitment.

Prompt Dependable Service – for all our Customers.

We are a full service oil company. Our commitment to you goes well beyond delivering your oil. As a customer of Chair City Oil we are available to you 24/7 for your comfort and safety. We do not give you a list of possible places to call if you have problems with your heat or hot water. Do you really think any of them will answer your call on the coldest nights when you have no heat or you are concerned for the safety of your family or home? We will! In fact, day or night, we have our own licensed, professional technicians available on call. When you call us we have a real person answer the phone and immediately address your concerns or arrange for a prompt repair or delivery. That’s full service. It’s important when your comfort and safety are at stake. And it’s only one of the reason’s thousands of customers rely on Chair City Oil.

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Premium Heating Oil – Same low price!

We only deliver Premium, Low Sulfur Ultra2Bio heating oil. Don’t be confused by those who might tell you “all oil is the same”, they are wrong, or perhaps they do not care. We do not shop for the cheapest oil, we purchase low sulfur heating oil from major suppliers who guarantee the quality and performance. When oil is pumped into our modern, state of the art storage facility in Gardner, we treat every gallon with concentrated Ultra2Bio premium heating oil additive. This is a big improvement for heating oil. It is a stabilizer, to keep fuel fresh in service without sludge and sediment, this reduces 40% of service calls. It removes condensation, fights organic contamination and contains metal deactivators to protect tanks and copper oil lines. Best of all it burns cleaner and more efficient! Better for you, your home, your budget and the environment.

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We look forward for the opportunity to prove we are your best choice for Full Service oil heating value.