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We believe the more you know about oil heat and Chair City Oil, the more satisfied you will be that you choose Chair City Oil for your home comfort provider.

Today’s Modern Oil Heat

Oil heat is not new, in fact oil heating began in the late 1900’s. But the oil heat of today is nothing like how it was in the beginning. It’s incredibly clean, the most efficient of all fossil fuels, and safe for you, your home and the environment. Check out the details; Today’s Modern Oil Heat.

Efficiency and conservation

Conserving energy pays. When you use less you pay for less. We are committed to helping every customer use oil efficiently. Comfort does not have to cost more. We are always available to meet with you to evaluate your heating use and offer solutions to reduce usage. Sounds odd that we want you to use less but the answer is quite simple, happy customers use less oil! Here’s a page with suggestions to consider; Efficiency and conservation.

BioHeat FAQs

BioHeat is not a fad. It’s the right thing to do for many reasons. It is the perfect source of abundant, renewable energy that can be harvested here in the United States. Here are several questions with answers that will halp you understand BioHeat; BioHeat FAQs.

Ultra2Bio – Our Premium, Low Sulfur Heating Oil

There is a difference in the heating oil we sell. We do not shop for cheap oil, we purchase top quality, low sulfur heating oil from major suppliers and every gallon is treated with ULTRA2 premium additive. Learn why the fuel we deliver to you is cleaner, more efficient and better for you, your budget and the environment. ULTRA2Bio Premium Oil.

CCO Form Library

Here is a place you can access forms and useful information to print and have for your personal use. Click here to see what forms you may need; CCO Form Library.