TCP Total Comfort Program

TCP LogoThe plan designed for your total comfort…

You’ll be assured your heating system is maintained properly and performs trouble-free each year you have your Total Comfort Plan protection.  One annual low-cost fee covers normal maintenance and tune-up, oil tank, and most unexpected burner service calls.  We are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


•  Brush and vacuum exchanger

•  Replace fuel filter and gasket
•  Clean and flush fuel system
Tank Shield Logo•  Install new oil nozzle
•  Replace or adjust ignitors
•  Clean and adjust burner
•  Oil all motors and bearings
•  Adjust or replace blower belt
•  Flush low water cut-off if applicable
•  Replace air filters annually
•  Clean/replace glass gauge if applicable
•  Drain full expansion tank
•  Run, test, and tune system
•  Clean up equipment and area
•  Perform an efficiency test
•  Report any problems found


Included in the cost of your TCP Plan is the Annual Oil Tank Insurance Program.  We will treat you oil tank with corrosion inhibitors to help prevent internal corrosion, the major cause of tank leaks.  If your oil tank should leak you can receive a new standard oil tank free towards the installation of a new tank.

24/7 Emergency Heating Service is covered in full for all extended parts covered.  Repairs for parts not covered will be billed at normal rates.

The majority of burner service calls will be done free of charge.  The following is a list of parts covered by both labor and materials.*

• Blast Tube & End Cone
• Oil Nozzle and Nozzle Adapters
• Oil Filters and Strainers
• Flame Safety Controls and Sensor
• Standard Room Thermostats
• Aquastats and Circulator Control
• Fan and Limit Controls
• Low Water Cut-Off Switches
• Burner Motors and Couplings
• Ignition Transformer and Electrodes
• Fuel Pump and Delayed Oil Valve
• Combustion Chamber Liners
• Fan Blower Motors and Belts
• Circulator Motor and Zone Valve Head
• Electric Switches and Thermal Fuse
• Pressuretrols and Relays
• Flu Piping and Draft Control
• Limited Oil Tank Warranty
• Exposed Oil Fittings and Valves
• Firematic Switches and Valve
• Exposed Fill and Vent Piping

First you must be a customer of ours, we only offer this program to our own customers.  Second, TCP only covers residential property with automatic oil delivery.  If you currently are a customer and are interested in joining the TCP, please call us today or email us your request through the Contact Us page of this web site.
*GENERAL CONDITIONS TERMS AND EXCLUSIONS: Our TCP program is a residential heating system service and maintenance program.  It is designed to provide recommended annual oil burner and heater cleaning and tuning as well as an oil tank conditioning additive.  Beyond this annual service it offers the insurance for repair or replacement of typical oil burner components listed within the 12 months the program is in effect.
This plan does not cover any water handling parts or labor except those listed in extended parts protection.  Boiler vessels, water coils or exchangers, water tanks, pipes, valves, bearing assemblies, radiators, baseboard, feed and relief valves, tempering valves, and obsolete parts are not covered. Power venting systems are not covered. Service labor and/or pars required as a result of abnormal conditions, such as electric power faults, floods, hurricanes or other acts of God are not covered under the TCP program.
System coverage cost is for one zone heater and one standard basement 275 gallon oil tank.  Extra Zones and tanks are priced separately.  If your oil tank leaks you will receive a new standard oil tank free towards the installation of a new tank. Only exposed oil line and tank piping is covered.
This program will not cover compensation for damages or work required as a result of any insured part or service.  For example, if there is an oil valve leak, we will repair or replace the valve but we are not responsible for clean-up or harm done by the oil that leaked.  No hazardous material contact is covered.  Power vent flue systems are not covered.  Duct work, exchangers, insulation, jackets, heat elements, and piping is not covered.