Chair City Oil has partnered with Project Carbon Freedom. Project Carbon Freedom seeks to advance clean energy legislation that supports the deployment of renewable liquid heating fuel in order to efficiently, affordably and equitably decarbonize the residential heating sector across the northeastern United States.

As an alternative to policy-driven electrification, renewable liquid heating fuel:
  • Supports small businesses and farmers.
  • Utilizes billions of dollars in existing assets, supply chain infrastructure, and a workforce of more than 160,000 heating fuel professionals to deliver a commercially viable advanced Bioheat already in use today.
  • Protects homeowners from the substantial costs and inadequate cold-weather performance of electric heat pumps.
  • Promotes environmental justice, fuel security and jobs in our communities.
  • Reduces GHG emissions immediately, rather than waiting on the decades-long decarbonization of the power grid.
  • Takes a significant burden off the region’s electric grid as it struggles to meet increasing winter demand with seasonally hamstrung renewables.

We’ve been using a BioHeat oil blend since 2009, ULTRA2BIO Premium BioHeating Oil. BioHeat is a biodegradable, organic product refined from renewable sources such as soybean or palm oil. It’s better for the environment AND your heating system. Learn more about our BioHeat blend here.