Our Exclusive Low Sulfur Premium Heating Oil

ULTRA2BIO Premium BioHeating Oil is a proprietary blend of our ULTRA2 premium low sulfur home heating oil with BioHeat, a biodegradable, organic product refined from renewable sources such as soybean or palm oil. Better for the environment and your heating system, we sell ULTRA2BIO Premium Low Sulfur BioHeating Oil for the SAME PRICE as other oil companies charge for dirtier, less efficient regular fuel oil.

U2BioLogo001     There is a difference in the heating oil you can purchase for your home. It all starts with our ULTRA2 Premium Low Sulfur Heating Oil. We believe if you could buy a premium heating oil that burns cleaner, more efficiently, and is better for the environment for the same price others charge for regular heating oil you would agree it’s the right thing to do.

Since 2004 Chair City Oil has delivered ULTRA2 premium heating oil to all our customers. ULTRA2 is specially treated with a proprietary additive to create a premium heating oil which is more stable, less corrosive, burns cleaner and more efficiently than regular oil, reducing service calls and saving our customers money.

But that’s not all – ULTRA2 is good for the environment because it reduces the particulates and greenhouse gases that contribute to global warming. We don’t charge more for ULTRA2, we sell it for the same price as regular home heating oil because it’s the right thing to do. As a responsible energy supplier, we feel we have an obligation to our customers, our community and our environment to provide the highest quality heating oil possible.

A Heating Oil Breakthrough

ULTRA2BIO: Over the last several years, substantial research and development has resulted in a heating oil breakthrough – blended heating oil using BioHeat. Since April 2009, Chair City Oil has been blending up to BioHeat with our ULTRA2 premium heating oil – the result is our ULTRA2BIO Premium BioHeating Oil. The BioHeat ingredient in our ULTRA2BIO Premium BioHeating Oil is domestically produced by our nation’s farmers, helping to keep our hard earned energy dollars here at home and reducing our dependence on foreign oil. By blending pure BioHeat with our ULTRA2 premium heating oil we provide the best quality heating oil you can buy. Better for your home, better for the environment, better for our country.

Major benefits of BioHeat:

  • Biodegradable, renewable, non-toxic
  • Extremely clean burning
  • Highest BTU content of any alternative fuel
  • Contains virtually no sulfur and significantly reduces the impact of oil heating on global warming
  • Costs the same as regular oil
  • Reduces foreign oil dependence
  • Lubricates your fuel system
  • No modifications needed to your burner or tank
  • No new equipment required


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