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Discover why Todays Oil Heat is Better Than Ever! Facts, Tips, and Data about Heating with oil.

Oil Heat Cares

As an industry, oil heat dealers unite to provide assistance for those less fortunate.


Free Energy Audits, Rebates, Incentives, and discounted services to help Massachusetts consumers.


Learn all about BioHeat. A renewable, clean, fuel from the USA that is blended with heating oil and can be used in your existing equipment. The easiest most cost effective solar energy available now!

Programmable Thermostats

Save while you sleep and are away from home. Guide to using programmable thermostats.

Energy Star

A government website filled with energy saving advise, data, and information to learn about efficient use and conservation of energy.

Homeowner Oil Line Upgrade and Insurance Law

Since 2011 it is the law that oil lines in concrete or below ground must be protected by a non metallic sleeve to protect them from corrosion and contain any leak that may occur. Get the details.