Oil Delivery

DependableSealWe offer flexible oil delivery services to accommodate every customer’s budget, schedule, and lifestyle.

Did You Know? When your oil tank is being filled, as oil enters the tank it sounds a whistle located in the top of the tank. The driver often never sees the tank, he listens to the whistle and when the whistle sound stops he knows the tank is full and he stops putting oil in the tank. Video

On-Call Oil Delivery Do you prefer to be an “on call” customer, track your own oil consumption, and receive deliveries only when you really need them? No problem – just call or order online when your oil tank reaches the desired level and we’ll come out to fill it with our exclusive ULTRA2BIO Premium BioHeating Oil. The typical residential oil tank holds about 250 gallons. We recommend that you monitor your tank so that it does not fall below ¼ full and that you order a minimum of 150 gallons to receive the best discount of 20 cents off per gallon. If you order 100 gallons you will still be eligible for a 10 cent per gallon discount. We also do 50 gallon deliveries for an additional delivery charge.

We deliver to Gardner every weekday and also on Saturday mornings from November 1st through April 30th. You can order online or call 978-632-4600 the day before to schedule your delivery.  Deliveries to the surrounding towns are made weekly on a dependable schedule:

Monday:  Templeton and Phillipston

Tuesday: Ashburnham and Winchendon

Wednesday: Hubbardson

Thursday: Otter River and Baldwinville

Friday: Westminster

Automatic Oil Delivery

Do you prefer to “set it and forget it”? We’ll set up an automatic delivery plan so that you can have peace-of-mind that no matter what the weather or temperature, you’ll always have oil in your tank for comfortable heat and hot water.

OilMan2“If I am on Automatic Fill, how can I be sure you’ll deliver oil when I need it?” That’s a very popular question with new customers interested in our automatic delivery program and the answer is that we have a sophisticated, computer-based consumption calculation system that includes something called degree day monitoring and K-factor variables that change from home to home, depending on size of your house and family, type of heating system and insulation, and other factors that affect your rate of consumption.

Once we plug in your values and assess your rate of consumption, our computer system does automatic calculations and alerts us as to when we need to make a delivery. By taking the guesswork out of oil delivery, we can make timely, accurate, and reliable deliveries to each and every customer.

Oil Minimums & Discount Pricing

Automatic delivery always receives 20 cent per gallon discount when paid within 10 days with no existing balance.

Orders for 150 gallons receives 20 cent per gallon discount when paid within 10 days with no existing balance.

Orders for 100 gallons receives 10 cent per gallon discount when paid within 10 days with no existing balance.

Orders for 50 gallons has no discount allowed and an additional $25 below-minimum delivery fee applied.

The Best Oil, The Best Prices, We are Best Prepared to take care of you.

We deliver the highest quality premium heating oil to all our customers for the same low price other companies charge for regular oil. For more information about the ULTRA2Bio Premium Heating Oil we deliver click here.

Chair City Oil has a new modern, efficient, environmentally safe oil storage facility. Build in 2005, our bulk plant has state of the art safety, efficiency, and environmental designs that exceed state and federal standards. All our tanks and piping are protected and above ground. Located within our bulk plan is a full secondary containment system capable of capturing and release of oil from tanks, piping, and trucks loading or unloading. This investment is your assurance you can depend on Chair City Oil. For more information about our storage facility see our safety and environment page, click here.

We have a fleet of computerized trucks and licensed professional drivers ready for the most demanding winters and coldest conditions. Every delivery is certified by sealed electronic meters to guaranty you receive exactly what you ordered. Safety and protection of property is our focus. Our drivers get annual instruction and certification for hazardous transport and proper truck and delivery procedures.