We Deliver! Part 1

When Chair City Oil says “We Deliver” it could mean many things.  The first thing that comes to mind is our home heating oil delivery.  We are well known in the Gardner Area for our home heating oil delivery service.  A reputation we are extremely proud to have!  Did you know we deliver heating oil and service beyond Gardner?  We service the cities and towns surrounding Gardner too!

Service Area Map

Our delivery schedule brings us weekly to Templeton and Phillipston on Monday,  Ashburnaham and Winchendon on Tuesday, Hubbardston on Wednesday,  Otter River and Baldwinville on Thursday and lastly, on Friday, you will see our delivery trucks in Westminster.

Mondays – Templeton and Phillipston

Tuesdays – Ashburnaham and Winchendon

Wednesdays – Hubbardston

Thursday – Otter River and Baldwinville

Friday – Westminster


Does this mean that you can only receive oil deliveries on that specific day in your area?  No.  We are always available for emergency oil deliveries, at any time, in any of the areas we service!

For or more information contact our office and speak to us about how “We Deliver” in your area!

Coming Soon: “We Deliver Part 2” find out how Chair City Oil delivers on more than just home heating oil.